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Monday, November 28, 2011

Computer is Dead

Well it had to happen sooner or later, my computer is officially dead, which sucks but an upgrade has been long overdue. It happened last night right after I finished editing another rough cut of my short film Love is Undead which I did to mainly color grade the film. Some of the correction came out better than others but it was made a lot easier using the program Mojo for Premiere Pro. So after that I burned a dvd copy and then went to scan the computer, during the scan it froze for a while and I decided to force restart it. When I did that it gave me that same check disc error like it always does and I bypassed again but then as it was restarting it decided to do another automatic check disk scan, while it was scanning it froze again while it was scanning the indexes. At this point I knew things were bad, and again I forced restarted it which gave me the error message again. This time I could not bypass it and I gave up. Luckily a friend of mine knows a guy who should at least be able to get all the memory out of it. Also a friend at work today offered to build a new one by gutting my old tower which is awesome.

Last night was terrible though and today wasn't much better. I can't edit a project for class which is my whole end of the grade and I also can't do any type of word document papers or powerpoint projects thanks to the fact that the laptop I am using doesn't have those programs. I will just download the trials though since there is less than a month of school and I get the programs for 30 days.

Wish me luck with a new computer,
Daniel Hess

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