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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Meeting Today

Today I am meeting with a local country musician who I went to middle school with about doing some photography for him. He is mainly after a good album cover and a bunch of promotional pictures leading up to his album. I use to hang out around school with him all the time in middle school but have not really seen him since, so it will be cool to catch up after such a long period of time.

Tomorrow at 2:30pm I have an interview with a local production company in Towson which is the internship I am really after. I hope after the interview I get offered the spot so I don't even have to go to my interview on Friday, which I really just don't want to do since I could find nothing but bad things about them online. I shouldn't have rescheduled in the first place, guess I just didn't want to be mean.

Still waiting to get my computer checked up on and hopefully will be able to get all my files off of it. Thankfully a friend at work is willing to build me a new system as long as I get all the parts and bring them to him. I have been working with him since I got there so I trust him a lot. Once that is settled I will be able to edit again!!!! Wish me a lot of luck with that one.

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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