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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Day After Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! Besides the terrible day at work once I got home everything was much better. Dinner was good, got to see my girlfriend, and the Ravens won so I had a good rest of the day. No Black Friday shopping for me today though, but for those who did go out today I hope shopping was a success.

Today I am filming the LAST thing for Love is Undead which is just a stand in part which as I have probably said before sucks that I didn't get it earlier but for whatever reason I forgot to do a full over the shoulder shot. After I get this though the last scene I need to edit will come together and then I should be good on the visual editing part, the next step is audio editing, which is going to require a lot of ADR (yay!). Once that is done though today turns into a mainly chill day until work rolls around at like 4.

Thanks for the support and Happy Holidays!,
Daniel Hess

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