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Friday, November 11, 2011

Football Woes

Well today went good and bad. On the good side I was able to film the Gilman game and stream it live successfully. It was fun but tiring. The bad side is that the drive took way longer than I expected and I had too much to get through when I got home so I was not able to make my second game which was the Good Counsel one. It was a combination of fatigue and the fact that I couldn't go from game to game since I did not have enough gas. I am really mad at myself but it was an hour drive and once I walked into my house I wanted nothing more than to just relax for a little bit.

Now I am chilling at home conforming the Gilman game in Premiere Pro which takes waaaaay too long and I am sitting on my bed next to my faithful dog Lexi! I knew it was going to be another tough weekend but jeeze it is only the second of four days of non stop work and I am done. Tomorrow I gotta get up at 5 am to get ready for The Cat day 3 filming up in Darlington, Md. I am bringing my camera and taking pictures on set, hope they don't mind. Also I am going to be booming more!!!! Yay!

Then on Sunday it is the final day for Love is Undead!

Wish me luck,
Daniel Hess

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