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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 3 Filming

Today is day 3 of filming The Cat which I am very excited for. It is going to be a mainly outdoors shoot by the looks of it so I am not looking forward to that, because it is coooooold outside but I have a lot of layers so I will be ok. The location is about an hour away in Darlington Maryland but morning drives are always nice so it will be fun. I am smart this time and I am going to bring my camera so that way I have lots of pics from the day of shooting which I will be posting up as soon as I can. It is nice just recording sound and not having to worry about the editing process for once (just a random thought).

Then tonight I will be up late prepping the set down my grandmother's old house for Love is Undead shoot day four...yes only day four, but it will be the last day, for real this time.

Thanks for the love,
Daniel Hess

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