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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Interview Day

So today is the day for my interview with Black and Decker for their video internship. It is at 2:30pm and I was up pretty late last night getting everything I needed ready to go for the interview. I am extremely nervous as I am for most things that I am unsure of but at the same time I am ready to get it done. I hope all goes well with it and that I may be fortunate enough to get the spot.

Also right now I am about to have another double gig day on Friday with two football games back to back. At 1:30pm I have the Gilman vs. Archbishop Spalding game and then at 7pm there is the Good Counsel football game. The Gilman game is fine but the Good Counsel game is an hour away from where I live so it will be a nice and long drive to get there, it sucks but for the money I can't really argue it. We will see today when I get the confirmation if I am getting both games but I more than likely will.

I swear I could fill like a novel full of papers if I kept rambling on about what is going on over here at TTP but I won't do that today, gotta get ready for school and interviews.

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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