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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bumming It

Today I am totally bumming it. Just woke up and was like I need a break. Had an interview for an internship lined up today but I didn't go because I didn't hear all that great things on the internet about the company. I am still going to do the interview for the experience but not today.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am excited even though I am working because it will be a nice sit down dinner with my family which never happens and it will be a chance to get my mind off of all the hecticness (that isn't a word) going on with me. Also I would like to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone now because I probably won't be on again until tomorrow night. Just getting that out there.

This weekend is another filming weekend from Friday to Sunday. Friday I am filming the stand in scene for Love is Undead and Saturday + Sunday are for The Cat which I know will be awesome. I also may be a Production Assistant for a commercial shoot the 28th and 29th, haven't got the official word but I am expecting to any day now. Then the 30th I have a lunch meeting with a friend of mine who is making a country album and needs promo/album cover pictures; so we are going to discuss that further. In the middle of all this on the 28th I have to call to set up an internship at a local production company and I have to get an edit done for class the 29th/ give a presentation for another class the same day. In addition (haha) I may be doing an interview on December 2nd, not 100% yet.

A lot to do I know but this what life is all about, especially when it comes to film, I wouldn't trade my life for this.

Thanks for the support (my biggest thanks this holiday season),
Daniel Hess

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