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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Academic Superstore Sucks

So after my second order from Academic Superstore I will never shop there again. Don't get baited by the so called low prices they offer, after the order is placed they charge an arm and leg for shipping as well as sales tax, so more times than not you pay more than say a site such as Newegg. Also things that should be processed in a day never get processed at all leaving you to play the waiting game. Only after about 5 emails with them did they even ship out Adobe Production Premium CS5.5 and now I am trying to get Microsoft Office Professional which they are making a nightmare as well. Their academic verification process is a nightmare and the so called instant verification doesn't do anything. When you talk to their customer service you get a different representative every time and these people are complete idiots. They try to run you in circles to get you confused on purpose and not until you finally start yelling do they listen. Here is my story:

I ordered Adobe CS5.5 on December 3rd and by the time the 20th came to I was getting worried. I sent an email out and they told me that maybe I didn't get the confirmation that it shipped. After explaining to them that I check my email daily and it didn't just slip past me they then lied and said it shipped out the 15th according to their records. I explained how I wasn't even charged yet and then they finally fessed up that it hadn't shipped out yet. Finally after all that a lady came to and said I should be receiving shipping info on the 22nd which I did but after all that I pay for shipping it still isn't getting here until the 28th. What kind of crap is that?

Now I am trying to cancel my Microsoft order which I hope I can do. Bottom line, DON'T SHOP AT ACADEMIC SUPERSTORE!

Thank you for the support,
Daniel Hess

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