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Monday, December 5, 2011

Getting Ready

Well tonight is going to be the night where I drop off my computer for evaluation by a good friend of mine. Hopefully he will have good news and be able to get all he can off of the hard drive for me. If not though, it will hurt but I feel as though I will be able to move forward with everything I need to do. For the most part I have all the documents I need so I am fortunate to say the least.

Right now I am worried that the costumes/props I bought will not get here in time for the video shoot, it is about 12 days away and I have not gotten any updates in shipping, so I hope by the end of this business day or the next they ship the items out so they get here on time. I am sticking with the samurai theme for this video and while I am getting a little bit of flack from the guys at the studio I think I can make something good, as long as the schedule works out well for my DP/Cameraman since I am counting on him big time.

We will see how it all goes.

Thanks for the love,
Daniel Hess

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