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Friday, December 23, 2011

More of the Waiting Game

So right now it is a little frustrating but I am playing the waiting game. As of yesterday my Adobe CS5 finally shipped after getting into a little bit of an argument with the Academic Superstore people. I ordered it back on December 3rd and they said it shipped on the 15th but they didn't even charge me yet so it was impossible. After talking to like 3 different people they finally fessed up and shipped it out yesterday, so I won't be getting it until the 28th when I should have had it by now. Also I finally ordered the Microsoft Office 2010 package from them last night and I am waiting for them to process it as well, hopefully it won't take have as long as the Adobe package did.

I am also eagerly awaiting my new computer which my friend at work predicted would be ready by today, so I am praying that he got it done, I am trying not to get my hopes up that it will be done today but if it is that would be freaking sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been using this labtop for like a month now and while I am used to it, having a desktop would be so great again (plus 64-bit processing!).

Other than that I am debating whether I want a Fujifilm Instax instant film camera and a part of me does but then another part of me wants to focus on getting a nice film camera like maybe some day owning a Red or something. However another part of me realizes I can just rent a great camera in all honesty. In the end I will figure it out, now it is time to round up all the bills and see what the damage is for this month.

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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